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Pure Genius & Giveaway

How many times have you wanted something sweet, but wished it could be healthy?

To some, the words “healthy” and “sweet” can’t co-exist.

But that’s where people are wrong. Because they can!

If you know anything about me, you’d know that to me, a healthy lifestyle includes not only greens, but also means satisfying your cravings. Self-deprivation is never the answer. Restricting only makes you crave things more, and once you start labeling foods as “bad” or “good” – well that’s essentially setting yourself up for disaster. Why? Because the moment you crave these foods that you’ve already deemed bad, you already feel guilty. And the moment you eat them? Well, you might feel like you’ve failed.

That’s why I make it a point to honor my body by choosing to incorporate sweets into my lifestyle. Sometimes I’ll eat the real thing in moderation (AKA the full fat-made of flour-contains sugar-type of dessert) but I also love healthier alternatives of the real thing.

Here’s my newest discovery that I want to share with you: Healthier brownies by Pure Genius

Yes, I said it.
Healthier. Brownies.

Created by a former health journalist and certified health coach, Nancy Kalish, there’s a secret to em. Whole beans! And before you start judging… know that I am a tough food critique. I was skeptical at first, but trust me when I say that there isn’t the slightest flavor of bean in these brownies.


In fact the chocolate brownie (my favorite) is shockingly rich and chewy – as in I would continue to buy this at the store! The blondie was flavorful, packed with chunks of chocolate chips but a bit heartier/not as sweet.

And wait, the best part:
Since the brownies are made of black beans and the blondie with chickpeas, they each contain protein, fiber and are made with REAL ingredients you can read and recognize.
And PS. see below, they were Chloe-approved and guess what? Chloe and I are sharing! 

I’ve teamed up with Pure Genius for a free GIVEAWAY box with 2 brownie bars & 2 blondie bars!

To enter you must do all of the following:
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3. Leave a comment below!
Winner will be announced Sunday September 18th via Instagram @dowhatiulove

PS. These were Chloe-approved ;)

PS. These were Chloe-approved ;)