“I started working with Laura because I was tired of dieting. I knew a lot (probably too much) about nutrition but what I needed was someone to help me with my body image and relationship with food. With Laura I felt heard, like she actually took the time to listen to what I was saying and never made me feel ashamed of my weight, thoughts or questions. You can tell she really cares about taking all aspects of someone into consideration. Thanks to Laura I’m learning how to eat based on what my body needs rather than how much I “should” be eating and how to be more kind to my body. Diet culture robbed me of my last few years and Laura’s helped me gain my life back.“

- Chloe


“Like so many women, I’ve struggled with my weight for years. With Laura’s help with Intuitive Eating I finally let go of the notion that I need to diet... and for once I’m not being so hard on myself. Laura has been so supportive and it’s getting easier to eat without guilt. I’ve learned to honor my hunger and fullness cues. I feel less stressed around food & because of it my relationships have improved. I would recommend her to everyone!”

- Chelsea


“To be honest, I had no idea that my relationship with food was so complex. Laura helped me unpack my beliefs about health and beauty and as a result of working together I realized my weight was never actually the problem to begin with. I feel confident walking into a grocery store and making on the whim food choices. I no longer feel like food controls every aspect of my life. Working with Laura has changed my life.”

- Michaela


“The thing I appreciate most about Laura is how easy it is to talk to her, it feels like talking to a friend which makes me feel safe to open up about my weight and diet. I never thought I would be able to let go of the food rules and scale but here I am happy and feeling healthier than ever. Laura is truly a breath of fresh air - If you’re looking for someone who is capable and wants to genuinely help you, look no further!”

- Christina