5 Simple Snacks For Your Next Flight 


By Nikki Kang

Snacking is essential for staying alert and energized throughout the day and in-between meals. Traveling is no exception! With all the planning, packing and last minute errands, we don’t blame you for not prioritizing snacks. In fact we have you covered. Here’s what we like to pack in order to keep our energy levels intact, as we’re constantly on the move and traveling. 

One key to making sure your snacking is done right while traveling is planning ahead. Planning and prepping your snacks ahead can save time, money, and energy! Simple things like packing your snacks the night before an early flight allows for a number of benefits, such as: 

  • Less stress -  The thought of getting through airport security and making your flight on time calls for major stress, but having your snacks prepped and ready to go can not only reduce stress but can avoid a hangry outburst during those stressful moments. 

  • More variety - By choosing your own favorite snacks ahead of time you can avoid having to pick the not so appetizing options that you usually find on planes. 

  • Less $$$ - Purchasing items to snack on for you and/or the whole family saves money which might have been spent on overpriced snacks that may not have even been your first choice. 

These are some of my personal favorite on-the-go snacks which all provide great sources of energy, to help you feel full until you arrive at your final destination (meal): 

  1. Mixed Nuts/Seeds & Chocolate - Creating your own trail mix with your favorite nuts, seeds, and chocolate make for a perfect sweet and savory combo that provides a source of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, leaving you full and energized (not to mention a delicious sweet fix!)

  2. Popcorn - If you find yourself wanting something a bit more savory, popcorn is a whole grain, making it a great source of fiber. Feeling hungrier? Pair this with a protein like cheese, and the combo can help you feel more satiated until your next meal. Whether you pre-pop and make your own bag of popcorn or see a bag at the Hudson News right before boarding your flight, popcorn is a great way to keep you fueled. 

  3. Fruits- Dried or Whole - Whether you choose whole or dried, fruits of any kind can be refreshing and can help stabilize energy. The options are endless when choosing which fruits you may want to snack on and there is no harm in mixing them up! Although, when traveling, it may be easier to choose fruits that are firm, such as apples, pears, bananas, or tangerines so you can just throw them right in your bag, also minimizing prep time. 

  4. Hard Boiled Eggs - This snack provides the perfect source of protein and fat and in the carry-on snack size! Hard boiled eggs can be prepped the night before and left in the fridge so you have your snack ready to go whenever you are. 

  5. Veggies or Pita Chips & Hummus - This combo makes for the perfect way to get your daily intake of your preferred vehicle for dipping into a smooth and creamy source of protein. When it comes to bringing hummus onto a flight, as long as its below 3.4 ounces, you should be good to go. Luckily, most stores offer individual hummus packets that are only 2-oz anyway, so you should be in the clear with TSA!

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